Pillolbox ® range of pocket size daily, weekly pill holders, pill cutter and pill crusher.

Articles that help to manage the daily and weekly intake of your medication or supplements in capsules or tablets.

Portapillole tascabili giornalieri, settimanali, tagliapillole, frantumapillole,

Useful for the whole family, practical and economic.


Multilanguage text printed and imprinted in and on each pill dispenser


PillolBox ® MINI
art. PI00003
Practical pocket size pill holder with 3 compartments
Recommended retail price
€ 1,30
PillolBox ® DAILY
art. PI00007
Practical, pocket size pill dispenser with 4 individual compartments for easy access
Recommended retail price
€ 2,50
PillolBox ® 7 Day COMPACT
art. PI00002
weekly pill dispenser, with 7 individual compartments with the opening on the same side . Allows to organize the weekly medication
Recommended retail price
€ 3,00
PillolBox ® 7 Day WEEKLY
art. PI00003
Designed with 7 individual extractable weekly pill dispensers, with 4 compartments each
Recommended retail price
€ 14,50
PillolBox ® 7 Day WEEKLY MINI
art. PI00005
Consisting of 7 pocket size MINI pill holders, with 3 compartments. Suitable for limited dosage and small size medication
Recommended retail price
€ 7,90
art. PI00006
New crushing method with manual pressure, using the single dose sachets provided with the article. Avoids dispertion of the medication and ensures greater hygene
Recommended retail price
€ 5,50
art. PI00010
With the new stainless steel blade to cut also larger size tablets.Blade size: base 35mm - hight 10mm
Recommended retail price
€ 3,80